To truly see something one must open up their mind as well as their eyes. This area of Start-the-Art houses items to be seen and explored; thought about and pondered. Net Art has come to exist in many forms on the web; below are explorations utilizing a number of different tools in creating my art for the web. Enjoy.

Communication Through Art
Art in the Face of Design
Design for Interaction

An exploratory view of "the other." The other being someone or something other than myself. I put myself in the other's point of view for a bit and found that the life of this particular other isn't quite what most people think it would be cracked up to be. See it here. >>>

A hypertext poem written while recording a stream of conciousness. Presented to be more than just text, but a visual of words. Written completely in Notepad, this is a bare-bones exploration of text, image and HTML >>>

A game based on greed and the hope of something for nothing - but life is never that easy, right? Play the game and find out. >>>

A Flash exploration of creating an image solely made from text. Something more looked at than read - this is a time-based exploration of the hypertext-based Streaming (above). >>>

A short video of still pictures and words that my grandfather had written on the back of the photos when he was in various American wars. >>>

Taking clips from three different sources and knitting them into a singular piece was the target here. This piece was created pre-"Iraqi Freedom." Many thanks to VH-1, WWE Entertainment, and A&E. >>>

Communication through images only. Pretty easy to figure this one out. >>>