The Song of the Day page was initiated by user response in the forum stemming form conversation about songs that most people had never heard. A page was created to allow folks to hear the music that was being discussed without having to spend hours trying to hunt down the song on the Internet, or spend money at the nearest CD shop.

If you have a favorite song, post a message about it here >>>
If I own the song, or if you would like to send it to me, I will post it here

I used to post songs on the the site that people had picked for their song of the day; now there is only a letter from the Vice Chancellor of my University. File sharing not being my bag, I have put this area to rest. But you should check out the letter, it is good food for thought >>>


In searching for a definition of cyberspace, I came across an interview with William Gibson, the man often-credited with coining the term and author of such cyber classic books as Neuromancer and Mona Lisa Overdrive. In this interview there was a sound bite of Mr. Gibson giving his definition of cyberspace. Dan Joseffson, owner of the interview content and audio has graciously allowed me to post the definition here >>>
(Real Player is needed to listen to this piece)

Communication Through Art
Art in the Face of Design
Design for Interaction