Start-the-Art is a site to give my art a home. It's a site where my ideas and experiments can reside and change as I see fit. The site started when I was in grad school and it continues to grow and change as I find new avenues of digital media to explore. I find influence everywhere and incorporate it as I can - look for changes in the near future.

Below is a list of people that I feel the need to acknowledge, no matter how sappy it may seem, for their support and inspiration.

Pushed and pulled, backwards and forwards, side to side and inside and out; this site was not created solely by myself. I had plenty of inspiration and help from my family and others. Some of the others are are:

My Wife and Kids: Not always understanding exactly what I am doing, but always giving love, patience and support; none of this, including my Grad School tenure would have been possible without each and every one of them. I love you.

Angela Forster: Contexutalizing what I do has never been real easy, and Angela didn't make it any easier. Now I look at what I create with far more than just a "because it's cool" attitude - Everything for a reason and a reason for everything.
Matt Brownell: Sparked the coding fire in me that I have been missing/avoiding in my new media endeavors. Thanks Matt.

Jeff Rutenbeck: Kept me in school when I thought I would have to bail; kept me sane when I thought I might lose it. One of the smartest people I have had the pleasure to learn from.
Robert Elrod : A man I have known for some years, helping me out when I run into bumps in the road, checking my designs, giving support and inspiration. Everyone needs a friend like Robert Rafael Fajardo: Unfortunately I was not able to take a full class from Rafael, but in the time we did spend together my eyes were opened to so many different possibilities in regards to design, typography, and life.

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Art in the Face of Design
Design for Interaction