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Communication Through Art
Art in the Face of Design
Design for Interaction

A quick word on technology and art

Art has taken on a new life due to the current technology available to create it. I have heard that art created by digital means is not art at all; that the computer does all the work. So who does the composing of the image, or the movie, or the video? Who puts the pieces together to create the final? The artist, that’s who. Traditionalist may frown on technology-based art, but they will have to accept the fact that technology is not going to go away, but will only move forward. And with each new version of software comes another realm of endless possibilities for visionaries with the skill, aptitude, and willingness to embrace to the new technology as a means of creation.

Art is meant to provoke, to be enjoyed, to stir emotion, to move people in one direction or another. The means by which it is created is not as important as the message it conveys. An intention of Start-the-Art is to present a large piece of work that is the culmination of a number of smaller pieces that can stand as pieces of art on their own; each will have their own meaning, their own message, their own identity. As a whole they will speak about collaboration, community, and communication. The new traditions have begun, and I am glad to be here to help form them in this current age of technology and art.